This and That

I want to write another “What I’m Reading Now” because I’ve set aside People’s History and picked up Michele Norris’s powerful and beautiful The Grace of Silence of which I’ve already read perhaps a third. But I want to do full justice to it and so will wait for another day.

And so to odds and ends.

  • It is obscene that a reporter, a guest in the country no less, should be beaten and sexually assaulted while she is working. I hope the Egyptians are suitably ashamed, not only because of the assault, but also because Lara Logan’s rescuers were reportedly a group of women.
  • Think about the fact that Egyptian women got the vote before we did in the United States.
  • Borders has filed for bankruptcy. I’ve always preferred Barnes & Noble. The stores are better organized, less cramped, and staffed with folks who know what’s what. I did run over to use my Borders gift cards (that’s how I wound up with People’s History) and found the place almost empty of customers but so overloaded with shelves and kiosks it was difficult to walk around.
  • There is some weird irony that a Colorado congressman showed up on an NPR broadcast to defend defunding NPR. And then denied that his move had anything to do with ideology.
  • A connection must exist between Watson’s “Jeopardy” win and the miniaturization of computer hardware. I’m just not sure what it is, unless it means we will be able to swallow a chip and have Watson’s ability.
  • The contractor I called more than a week ago came by today and took the snow off the roof over the kitchen. The guys have to come back and put on a new roof. Then we need to find someone to repair the hole in the ceiling. In related business, we can see bare ground on the raised bed next to the garage. The rest is still covered and is looking more and more disgusting each day.
  • The National Trust for Historic Preservation has designated Middletown, Connecticut as “most romantic main street.” Most people thought the folks at the Trust confused us with some other Middletown, but the photo is of Luce, a restaurant at the corner of Main and Washington streets, which Larry and I love. Here’s the irony: the designation came out the day before demolition started on the building next door because snow had collapsed the roof. Second and worse irony: The building across the street from the restaurant sports a rebel battle flag from the top floor window.

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