Connecticut vs. New Jersey

New Jersey’s governor is engaging in a tho’ down. I’m not getting into the political stuff, though our gov has it right on the tax issue. And we win on everything else. Even a state legislator who grew up in N.J. won’t go back. My relatives saw the light almost 150 a years ago when they left “Sour Mountain” and settled in Hartford.

  • Corruption: I’ve already blogged about this topic, but N.J. makes Connecticut look like Snow White.
  • Sports: Geno Auriemma beats C. Vivian Stringer, this year, last year, the year before …
  • Pollution: People arriving in Connecticut don’t smell it first. It doesn’t look like Dante’s Inferno at night. We don’t have a huge plume of toxins about to take out a shoreline area. (See danger to Atlantic City aquifers.)
  • Speaking of AC: The Sun and Foxwoods are far more successful than the slot ghetto.
  • Our beaches don’t have the honky-tonk sleaze of “da Showa” (the shore).
  • Traffic: People signal their turns here (pretty much) and we don’t have hellish traffic circles where people speed up to keep mergers out.
  • State flower: We have the elegant, endangered mountain laurel. New Jersey has the violet, which takes over my lawn every spring and threatens to strangle the other plants in the borders.
  • State flag: We have gorgeous bunches of grapes, greenery, and a slogan that translates “He who is transplanted sustains.” I’m proud to note that the original idea of the seal came from the Saybrook colony. New Jersey has horses heads (“Godfather,” anyone?), plows and a mercenary, “Liberty and prosperity.” May N.J. prosper with its wonderful taxes!
  • State name: We are the Constitution state. New Jersey? Garden state — which is only applies to the bottom half these days.

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