Computer Hell

This rental is making me crazy. It runs Windows 7 and is slow, slow, slow. I can type almost an entire line of text before the keys catch up. It kicked me off the Internet and wouldn’t even accept the access code until I’d tried it for the fourth — no make that fifth time.

And On the Fly Computer Guy didn’t return my calls for two days so I didn’t find out until this afternoon that the part still hasn’t come in. That means I’ll have at least two more days of Acer hell. In the down time, I cleaned my office. It felt like I was suffocating in an avalanche of paper — or maybe it was the dust, cat fur, etc. It was amusing to unearth stuff from 2007 — I honestly thought I’d cleaned it more recently than four years ago. Poor little Isis doesn’t know what to make of the bare floor. There’s no more paper for her to play “tunnel and disperse.”

Once again apologies for all typos. Will be back to matters of substance soon (I hope).


One Response to “Computer Hell”

  1. john freeland jr Says:

    dont know why folks (other than the most used platform on the planet) use windows.

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