Catching Up

Update on other events since the blog went on temporary hiatus and before I return to more serious topics.

  • I read Michele Norris’ The Grace of Silence, which I will write about in detail. Our lives parallel each other in many ways, and diverge oh so much, too.
  • The workers showed up unannounced two weeks after the last big snow fall to remove the pile from the roof and informed us that it needed to be replaced. The repair people arrived this past Tuesday and left after three hours of banking, scraping, compressor hissing, etc. Still waiting to find out whether insurance will cover the repair.
  • We’ve had a lake form across the street from the house as the snow melted. It swallowed up the pot hole after the rain earlier in the week and is now growing larger as it’s raining again. We probably won’t have to call out the ark (I hope). But the sump pump is going full bore, and the water is seeping up through the cracks in the floor and down the walls where the gutters don’t quick do their work.
  • Did a major office cleaning, finding memorabilia back to 2008 and enough cat fur to make a blanket.
  • Did Reiki at Girls Night Out, which had been postponed from January because a transformer took out power at the school. Those poor kids are going to attending school in July with all the snow days and two “power outage” days. Everyone at Girls Night had a blast as usual.
  • Ate two delightful lunches at my friend Peggi’s Tea Roses “”Tea Roses Relaxation.”) I always feel restored when I leave.

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