Comcast Doesn’t Want Your Business

Larry’s uncle has been trying for three days to convert his cable system. Larry helped over two days, switching equipment and trying to help out. The tech was supposed to show up today between 2 and 5 p.m. He was told he’d be charged $23 if no one was home. It’s now 7:45 EST and no one showed up. UConn’s first game in the NCAAs is under way.

I refused to have cable for years because of the company’s reputation. When it first went in the service died every time it rained. The DPUC, which was part of my beat for the newspaper, reported the company had the worst record in the entire state of Connecticut. Then about six months ago, my neighbor told a sales rep that we might be interested. He greeted me with, “Oh, you live here.” I restrained myself from saying, “No, I’m the maid.”


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