Migration — ’Coincidences’

Monday, November 10, 2008

I’ve held off on posting this entry because every time I decide today’s the day, another “coincidence” comes along. It started two weeks ago when I realized I hadn’t heard from Mark Wilson in months, probably more than a year. I called him, got his answering, and a postcard arrived from him the next day, sent from South Africa. (See “Robben Island,”). Didn’t think anything about it until …
I was in New York telling Farah Griffin how my mother had compared herself to the Witch of Endor in some late-in-life photos that she
hated. Farah got a very surprised look on her face and said, “You won’t believe this, but I just looked up the reference because I’m teaching a novel in which the author refers to the Witch of Endor.” A little shiver. …
Then, I was reading “The Sinister Pig” (see post of Nov. 2). Sgt. Jim Chee was depressed listening to the FBI agent’s choice of music, which happened to be James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain.” The next morning, the first thing I heard on the radio was an interview with Taylor where he talked about writing that song and changing the name from Susan to Suzanne because of it scanned with the word “plans” in the line “Suzanne, the plans they made put an end to you.”
On Nov. 1 Mark called to say he was back from South Africa. We chatted about various things, and he mentioned the African National Congress – asked if I knew much of what was going on. Said most of my international news comes from listening to the BBC News Hour. By the time we hung up the show was over and Weekend Edition was playing. I tuned in in time to hear the second half of an account about members of the ANC who have broken with the main body and were holding a separate convention.
On Oct. 28 I went to volunteer at the hospital, and the women in the hospice unit were making pumpkin muffins. They smelled heavenly, but I couldn’t have any because I don’t eat right before I do Reiki. Not very relaxing for the patients to listen to my stomach rumble.
Of course by the time I finished my rounds, the muffins were gone. I made a mental note to track down a recipe and make some. As I was
making my grocery list on 11/3, my friend Betsy emailed a simple, healthy recipe for pumpkin muffins, which BTW are delicious.
On Nov. 5, I had jury duty and ran into a former colleague from the Hartford Courant. She told me that in addition to owning a
restaurant, her husband has become a dog breeder. She was totally excited that Larry is a trainer because the woman that Bob, her
husband, had been recommended died very suddenly of cancer and Linda didn’t think he had anyone to recommend now.
So, Sharon Begley’s evolutionary explanation notwithstanding, I still think these events are more than an atavistic need to make associations. I’m on the lookout for more. …


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