Quick Hit

WordPress wouldn’t let me post last night. So here’s yesterday’s post.

A couple of quick items for reasons that will become clear.

First an update: Comcast has so infuriated another of Larry’s uncles that he is giving it up in favor of a satellite dish. This man is a former city councilman and a retired bank director, not someone to anger. My sense is that there’s a story behind these technical woes of nonfunctional boxes, cables that don’t fit the boxes or the televisions, and as previously mentioned dim to nonexistent customer service.

This entry is curtailed because I spent a delightful afternoon at Middlesex Hospital’s annual health and wellness fair. I spent the first two hours doing Reiki and then wandered through the exhibits. Made a contact for Larry to offer a talk for his veterans groups by a hospital employee on identifying the signs of stroke. Picked up information on the 10 K-a-Day program that rewards employees. Found out about the Zumba class, feeling tired already. Tried out an iPad, which I had some trouble controlling (but so did the woman demonstrating it). She also offered a sheet that I haven’t read yet comparing various types of smart phones.

Talked to the nutrition woman, the Y guy, and spent the most time with the woman representing the Center for Survivorship and Integrative Medicine. That’s a long name for the people who offer Reiki, reflexology, Tai Chi, meditation, massage, and all the “alternative” programs that are becoming more popular as the cost and intrusion of traditional medicine increase.

Also picked up some great loot, including the world’s smallest pedometer (1.75 x 1.25 inches), the world’s largest water bottle – haven’t measured yet but I’m betting it’s in the 64 ounce range. And a tote bag that I took to the grocery store because my other tote was full of literature from the wellness fair.

One Response to “Quick Hit”

  1. Gisele Says:

    Hey Liz, please tell Larry to get in touch with Debbie McArthur and she can give a great class on Diabetes. Will talk later.

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