Migration — More ’Coincidences’

Friday, November 14, 2008
The Universe threw two more of those “coincidences” at me – one yesterday and one today. I have been intending to reread Maya Angelou’s poetic and gruesome memoir I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings in preparation for a seminar I’m leading next year at Grambling State University. Last night after dinner I pulled the book off the shelf and glanced at the chapter I wanted to highlight. Set it with the rest of the materials I’ll be reading. A few minutes later I picked up last Sunday’s New York Times Book Review. (On schedule as the next issue hasn’t appeared yet. Not as caught up with the Magazine as I’m still reading the one from October 19.) Read enough of a review of Loot to decide that I’ll probably wait for the paperback edition. Also decided that Tony Hillerman treated the subject in a much more interesting fashion. (See ” ‘Sinister Pig’ on Metro North“). Turned the page and gaped at the headline “The Caged Bird Speaks,” a review of Alex and Me, Irene M. Pepperberg’s account of her 30 years with Alex, the African gray parrot who not only learned to speak but also came to understand concepts and to spell.
Just as I was about to post this entry, I turned on the radio, and the Universe sent a joke of a quiz show that had to do with whaling. It seemed the host had taken the questions about Melville’s sources for Moby-Dick directly from two books that I had just finished. (The answers were the killing of a white sperm whale named Mocha Dick and the sinking of the ship Essex by a sperm whale.)
Wondering why the Universe is sending this stuff. Watching and listening for more …


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