Migration — Happy Hunting

Wednesday, November 19, 2008
It’s amazing what a little magnification can do. Last week (11/12) I was complaining about the quality of the microfilm that I had to read. This week, a different volunteer was in charge, and I decided to ask her. She suggested a larger lens for the reader and presto! I could see – could even tell the difference between 5’s and 6’s. Whipped through the information in an hour and a half instead of five or six. And then it was time to shop at my favorite store.
As a confirmed Staples junkie, I am going to reward myself for getting in and out of the store today without buying more than I had planned. This may be a first. In the past I’ve gone in to buy a pocket calendar and come out with $100 worth of computer paper, file folders, mailers, and maybe some computer stuff. Today I even skipped over the calendar, which was not on my list. Actually I skipped it because I didn’t see any that I really liked, but still I stuck to the needed items.
Then I had to meet Larry at Home Depot. (We’re insulating out the wazoo these days.) And I immediately recognized that look on the faces of most of the men. It’s that sort of not-quite-there, I’m-dreaming gaze at all the power tools, or electrical fixtures, or aluminum siding. I wear the identical expression in Staples, so I can definitely relate. Of course Home Depot isn’t nearly as much fun from my point of view. First of all, the indoor temperature stays at freezing in the winter and torrid in the summer because of those huge sliding doors. Then the lighting is garish. And there’s something in the air, maybe sawdust, maybe just dust, that always makes my contact lenses feel like they’ve acquired a layer of extra coarse sandpaper. Plus, I’m not nearly as enchanted by plumbing supplies and electric nail guns as I am by Sharpies and notebooks in 18 different sizes.
All in all, a good day.


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