Jury Duty

… looms next week. And so I have received the form I have to complete and “Your Guide to Jury Duty: An Obligation and an Honor.” I don’t mind fulfilling the “vital role in the judicial process by being a part of the prospective pool of jurors.” I’ll show up, knowing that no lawyer in his/her right mind would put me on a jury. At least if I were doing voir dire, I wouldn’t:

  • I’m a law school grad and handled criminal and civil cases for ten years, albeit not in Connecticut.
  • I worked as a journalist. My beat was this very courthouse, so I know most of the prosecutors, a good number of the defense attorneys, some of the police officers, and a fair number of people who handle civil cases.
  • The last time I was called, I also knew one of the witnesses in the first case, who also happened to be an attorney, not to mention the clerks, sheriffs, and secretaries.

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