Migration — So Proud of Myself

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So I managed to get to the supermarket before 8 a.m. It was mercifully empty of all but a few people grabbing breakfast and/or lunch. One or two others had piled their carts high, but no waiting at checkout. Done before 9 a.m. After putting away the huge pile of chips, dip, soda, etc. I managed to fend off incipient illness – fever and chills. All better by noon in time to go to Reiki at the hospital. Lots of people going home. Then a quick trip to the post office, to another store to buy a birthday card and present for my mother-in-law. Tonight, I’ll make the “stuffing” for my veggie main course for Thursday. Recipe will probably follow tomorrow, in between baking the pies and clearing the counters. We’re going to try for a fire, which means Larry’s got to gather the kindling – all the sticks that fell out of the dead tree in the back yard, and I’ve got to clean the glass in front of the fireplace, which shouldn’t be dirty since we only had two fires last winter.


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