Migration — Thanksgiving Many Times Over

Friday, November 28, 2008

Wednesday launched Thanksgiving in a great way. Larry came back from one of his lessons with a beautiful note and a bottle of the sweetest smelling hand lotion I’ve ever experienced, a combination of lavender, bergamot (visions of Earl Grey tea) and lime. Heavenly!

Then I made and delivered all those pies on Wednesday and reaped even more than I sowed. At the first stop I received the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Roses in shades of orange, burgundy and burnt umber. Lilies and delphinium (what’s the plural?), which smells even more heavenly than bergamot. The dining room table looked elegant, and the place smelled good even before the food arrived. At the second stop, I received yummy cranberry sauce, made with orange and I think a bit of ginger. That meant no worries about making it since cranberries had not found their way on to the grocery list. At the third stop I received a bottle of Chardonnay titled Be Friends – and “When Washington Was in Vogue” by Edward Christopher Williams. The description (subtitle?) is “A Lost Novel of the Harlem Renaissance.” Can’t wait to try both the wine and the book. Will provide a full review of each when I do.
I should note that the flowers and the lotion were signed by people and canines. They all have good taste, and now I’m behind on thank you notes!


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