Healthy Dinner

I had some broccoli and was tired of the normal recipes i.e. Mother’s favorite, “Quick Stuff”; Craig Claiborne’s version, which involves starting broken pasta and broccoli florets in minimal boiling water and adding water as needed with seasonings; basic stir-fry; or salad, which would require cooking and chilling. So I went online and found “The Best Broccoli of Your Life.” Needless to say I was dubious but came away impressed. I varied things a bit by

  • washing thoroughly. It’s not the bacteria that scares me. It’s the pesticides, which may or may not come off with washing. Drying took place in a terry cloth cotton spinner. Everything crunched up nicely
  • tossing everything before I put it on the pan because I had visions of oil-covered broc all over the floor
  • forgetting (not on purpose) the final dose of olive oil

I’m not sure I’d call it the best of my life (I recall a certain luncheon at some chi-chi restaurant in Philadelphia involving hollandaise sauce). But it sure comes close.

And I tried the sweet potato wedges, too, which required lots more cooking than ten minutes. And I didn’t use spicy Cajun spice but rather Tony Chachere’s salt-free Creole seasoning.  Also excellent, but I’ll add more seasoning next time.

Then I ruined it all by having a shrimp po’ boy for lunch today at the Rajun Cajun. That photo doesn’t look anything like the place, and the po’ boy was on a hard roll, not French bread. But the collards I got instead of french fries were as good as my sister-in-law’s.


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