Outrage Upon Outrage

Having not heard about Kobe Bryant’s comment to a referee, I thought Slate‘s“who you gonna call?” column was a joke. When I got to the Jerry Brown comment, I realized all the slurs were real. Then I scrolled through and was surprised at the length of the entry, even with just one example per group.

Aside from the observation noting that there were no Native American insults listed (followed by a truly funny Gandhi vs. Sitting Bull debate), the only group omitted were WASPs. I believe Martin Mull took care of that with “The History of White People in America.” Follow the links to the second and third parts. Also fulfilling the obligation to insult WASPs, “Stuff White People Like,” (“Black Blogs.”)

I’m still not sure which of the Slate slurs is most outrageous – it’s a toss-up between Rupert Murdoch’s idiocy, directed at former New York Governor David Paterson’s blindness, and the ignoramus from Marie Claire who insulted the overweight. That one is perhaps the most egregious because the jerk was writing and had time to think about what she was doing before the words appeared before the public. The rest of the knuckle-heads had merely lost the connection between their brains and their mouths.


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