Migration — Shake It Like a Polaroid

Monday, December 08, 2008
Great weekend. Our friend Linda hosted a dance party at a little club on Saturday. The place is actually a tiny sportsmen’s club, and the deer heads and pheasants staring out from the walls were a bit disconcerting. Otherwise everything was terrific – helped me cope with SAD and the anniversary of my dad’s death yesterday. Of course there’s a constant reminder with the annual observations of Pearl Harbor Day.
Kenny, the guy who helped Linda put the party together, hunts and fishes and made fluke nuggets – better than any fried fish I’ve ever had as they still tasted of the sea and were not over cooked. He served them with a spicy cocktail sauce that “took it to a whole other level,” as he put it. He also had pieces of Bambi and maybe Thumper, which I didn’t try.
The DJ played everything from ‘60s Motown to stuff off the contemporary hip-hop playlist – minus the gansta rap. And the kid can still boogie without any aches and pains the next day!
This post is late because I’ve been at the library reading microfilm again. I had to take extra breaks because there’s something in that scrolling microfilm that makes me want to throw up. No amount of water and Altoids seemed to help. Shouldn’t they digitize this stuff and let people connect to it online? It would save gas, postage, and volunteer time to babysit the microfilm readers. It would also create a more durable product and keep my stomach in its normal state. [The following was the end of the MySpace post: I’m about ready to migrate this blog over to wordpress because none of my paragraph returns work, I’ve tried three times to tell it I want Ariel font, size 2. What’s wrong with you people? OK, I’m sick of fixing the returns. It’s going up as is.]

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