Subtitle: “Ladies First.” This grab bag of stuff mostly by women for women and girls – or should I say gir-r-r-rls is all over the lot. Cheeky, sometimes gross, almost always funny, funny, funny.

My favorite recent post is “For the Woman Who Has Everything,”  dated March 22, but posted March 18, probably in anticipation of the launch of iPad2, but that’s slated for 3/19, so I don’t know. The best part of the description of the dinosaur bone, gem-embedded Apple logo, and so forth was the one comment which required a USB port for her “pink topaz and diamond encrusted Hello Kitty flash drive.”

And as Edith says, please do watch “Gorgeous Night Sky.” The audio pretty much sucks but the visual is truly transcendent.

I loved the Garden Party, even the White People’s Artichoke Dip (wish I’d seen this recipe before I posted Friday’s entry), which I thought about making until I got to the comment about yeast infection. And she wouldn’t have to worry about the mayo in the dip if she hadn’t drunk several bottles of wine while preparing it.

Friday Bargain Bin is also worth a visit. Alas, the West Elm clay cylinder/glass dome is no longer available. Complain to parent co. Williams-Sonoma.

But the Corinthian Jewelry Stand is still selling. I have a soft spot in my heart for UO because I remember when it was in a tiny hole in the wall shop on a seedy block of Pine Street in Phila. and sold really cheap jeans and not much else. The b-school boys who started UO graduated to a large, warehouse space on the edge of the U of Penn campus. After I left Phila., the store went upscale to some of the most expensive real estate at the edge of Rittenhouse Square. Now it occupies real estate in thirty-seven states and eight foreign countries. The clothes still look cheap, and the prices remain modest.

The most brazen of thehairpin’s recent posts bunch is collection of Ashley Madison Ads. If I hadn’t seen a couple of these before, I’d think they were made up.


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