Annual Vet Trip

WARNING: Don’t eat while reading this post.

My concentration is thready today as I have to take the Goddess for her annual checkup, aka lube, oil, and filter. In this case, shots, nail trim, teeth cleaning.

Last year (“Significant Impressions) turned out to be worse than the post and the followup portrayed as I think the antibiotics upset her stomach and it took her about a month to recover. Also, after she wolfed down all the food she threw it all up again. So I’ve resolved to give her small bits when she first comes in and encourage her to go to sleep in her own bed.

But first we’ve got to get through tonight, in which we withhold food and water after 10 p.m., including plants we have growing in water. (Why was it 11 last year?) Then put up with a night of pissed-off, hungry, thirsty puss.

Tomorrow a.m. I’ll put on a heavy sweatshirt before I try to get her in the crate because she manages to dig in and hold on. It may take some time to get her in the crate – last year I had to move the bed — ours, not hers. Then we get in the car. At an average distance 0.1 of a mile from the house she starts to dry heave and foam at the mouth. She used to throw up but since she has no food or water, there are no productive results. I do think her drop in weight in earlier years had to do with vomiting up a pound or so of food on the ride over.

The vet’s office is seven miles away but takes about 20 minutes because of stop signs, lights, and school buses. It is the longest 20 minutes of my life. Once we arrive, she’s OK if there are no other animals around, particularly canines. In the presence of canines, she growls and hisses. Once I drop her off, I’ll come home and pace nervously until it’s time to pick her up. When we arrive home, I will give her a SMALL amount of food and hope that she’s OK. Stay tuned …


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