Happy Earth Day!

This entry is actually a combination of stuff I saw Earth Day 2010 and today.

I’m not sure why it only gets a day, which seems to be expanding to a week, but that’s still not enough. It should be every day.

Anyway, to celebrate, I took a walk and cataloged the various flora and fauna along the way. Before I set out last year I saw the neighbor’s big black cat. He was on his side of the street investigating mole runs. He’ll probably celebrate by coming over later to torment Isis. [He moved last fall as did his co-resident who ate the baby robins last summer.]

I went last year to look at the hawk’s nest down the street. The happy pair of broad-shouldered hawks finished building their nest a couple of weeks before. The female kept squawking at the male because he wasn’t moving fast enough. She was sitting on eggs, but they hatched about two weeks later. Those birds terrorize the rest of the avian population, as well as bunnies, mice, and small household pets. But they sure are magnificent looking. The male screamed at me last year, and he got me again about a week ago. I guess I was too close to his food supply, which may or may not have included the two noisy puppies running around in their pen across the street from the tree where he perched.

Both this year and last I visited the fat little Shetland pony. His more elegant looking companion, the Morgan horse, has been replaced by another slightly larger and less friendly pony that isn’t as scruffy as the Shetland but not terribly prepossessing.

On the flora front, the daffodils and forsythia are still going strong  because of all the cool weather. [Both years.] I drove south on Route 17 through Glastonbury this afternoon and the main road became a version of the yellow brick road as every property had huge stands of forsythia out front. Deer hate them, so they’ll be around even when all else has been consumed.

The crocuses only just departed late last week. Early magnolias have burst out, as have tulips elsewhere. Mine look like they’ll explode some time next week, though the deer may have lunched upon a good portion of them. The lilac adored all the snow and has leaves and buds everywhere. It’s going to be a race to see whether they bloom in time for me to give my mother-in-law the annual gift of her favorite flower on Mother’s Day. The roses are just starting to leaf out. They suffered damage in the snow, so I didn’t have to do much pruning. The butterfly bush looks as though it is no more, ditto the clematis. I’ll definitely replace them both if needed.

It seems the wind just insists on littering the entire front of the property with branches from the tree. I thought I’d gotten all but the smallest. Then we had another storm, and the place is covered again. Larry retrieves them too, so at this point I think it’s a conspiracy to keep us scouring the lawn.

Skunk cabbage in the marshland down the street adores all the water under its feet, but there is nary a sprout of jack-in-the-pulpit to be found. Maybe later? Mr. Red-wing Blackbird warned me off his nest again. I love the way they pop up out of the marsh and sing their hearts out, only to flit away from the nest.

Will continue to celebrate Earth Day tomorrow by going for spring plants at the local firehouse sale. Also will ask my neighbor if the bear has come out of its cave or if he’s seen any coyotes recently.

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