Bad Hair Years

I subscribe to the Family Tree magazine newsletter. While it’s generally a marketing tool for the products FTM sells and I’ve never found anything relevant to my own search, it does contain useful information on family history and history generally. A couple of weeks ago it had a helpful compendium of Civil War era documents in acknowledgement of the attack on Fort Sumter.

I saved one post from a year ago about getting the most from each record, which contained an excellent analysis of the five “W”s and then some of examining a document. FTM also alerted me to “Who Do You Think You Are?” last season. Quick note: for reasons that escape me I haven’t looked at a single episode from this season. Plan to rectify that situation in the near future.

Some of the newsletters went missing, purged in the great email dump, so I missed the original request for nominees of family pictures with bad hair. Had I known, I would have entered the unidentified young lady whose photo was in a collection that my mother saved. It could not compete with the winners though I like to think it might have been in the running. They all made me feel better about some of the truly awful hair days I’ve had.

Those beauties also make the dos of the 1980s look low-key (except maybe for the second from left in the third row). The Afros look pretty tame as well, except for this one.


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