Sushi Friday X

Oyama Japanese Cuisine

136 Berlin Road #115

Cromwell, CT


I did a partial review of Oyama (“Too Much to Do II”) in which I gave it a B. Things have changed some and I’m raising the grade. I often stop there if I’ve had to go to the nearby mall as it’s the closest place that isn’t one of the new plastic and blue-light variety.

What I like: Plenty of free parking in a shopping center with a cut-rate grocery across the way. The service is friendly and unobtrusive. Teddy, the sushi chef, knows me so I always feel welcome. The television is over the actual bar, so the sushi bar is not subjected to the ESPN/CNN axis that seems to dominate in many other Japanese restaurants. The lunch is substantial with miso that is generally well balanced with tofu and wakame, not too salty, and served hot. The Bento box includes shumai and on occasion brown rice (a plus). The fish is all of the freshest, usually a selection of salmon, tuna, and escolar. The box includes slices of orange.

What I don’t like: The habachi tables are noisy and frequently spewing the odors of fried meat. The Cali rolls follow the inside-out trend with the rice on the outside. Here the effect is sloppy with spikes of rice falling into the soy sauce. The fish slices are huge and awkward to eat in a bite or two. Why not make the slices thinner and offer more? The managers on occasion sit at the sushi bar if there are few customers. I was amused to see one of the manager/owner types sit with her laptop and a big bag of nacho chips. She was not amused when I drew attention to it.

Revised grade: B+


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