What She Wore, Part III

I have to note that since I started searching all these commercial sites, their ads are popping up with alarming frequency on nytimes.com and other places I browse. Big brother is really watching, and his name is BUY ME!

Sunday daytime

Malia Mills black tankini $165; Stella McCartney denim tunic. not sure if this is artist-y enough, $515

Sunday evening

Blue and black Yves Saint Laurent peasant dress, probably not the exact one, but the price is right $210; Lace-up black sandals (no brand), but I’d go with Versace $995; Greek ring, one of these for $399; Prada cashmere cardigan $918.

Day total: $3202

Monday, early

Chinti & Parker T-shirt, average of $110; khaki cutoffs – no brand, but Zappos offers selections from $38 (Levi’s) to $320 (McQ) with an average of $178; Chuck Taylors about $50.


J. Crew navy and white polka-dot swimsuit $56; Milly cover-up $295.

Monday evening was a repeat of J Brand Jeans, Alexander Wang tee, Greek ring, Prada cardigan.

Day total: A puny $689


Diane Von Furstenberg maxi-length summer dress, the site had several but I liked this one best $525; Nina Ricci flip-flops, no flip flops, but here’s the closest at $475; Citizens of Humanity jeans most are $150; “Enormous” striped Missoni sweater $1885; gold platform Prada shoes with cork heels $249.

Day total $3284


Day time

Nike shorts (repeat); sleeveless Adidas running shirt, $20; Cloudveil hoodie with trout $125 on sale for $99 (no trout); shoes? We’ll assume the same running shoes she wore on Friday.


Alexander Wang V-neck $70; Bird in Brooklyn leggings – couldn’t find leggings but pants prices average $300; “Grand Street” sweatshirt, no idea, but we’ll go for $119 from Patagonia; Vera Wang sweater $595, sale $357; Greek ring (repeat); shoes? We’ll assume a repeat.

Day total: $1229; sale: $846

Week total: $23,711; sale: $21,363. Either way, that’s a down payment on a condo if not a house.


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