PaidContent surfaced in research for “Library Kindle.” I’ve only just started reading it but it’s offered a more fodder.

First an update on Righthaven “Righthaven’s Judicial Rejection”: paidContent reports the Las Vegas company, which has been suing over copyrights it doesn’t own, has hired the New York law firm that represented J.K Rowling to defend itself. PC opines that Righthaven fears a heavy assessment of lawyers’ fees to be paid to the defendants. There’s a hearing scheduled for tomorrow, so stay tuned (again.)

PC served up fascinating profiles of self-published authors. The experiences of the authors are all over the lot in terms of experience but one thing they seem to share is ability to crank out content, God bless ‘em.

Also interested to see paidContent50, which unsurprisingly counts Google as the most successful digital media company in the country with $14.1 billion, followed by Yahoo! and Apple. What I didn’t like was that I was solicited for a comment on the Yahoo! page. I have a Google account and an iTunes account, too. Why Yahoo!? PaidContent is still adding to the digital 50 list, but I noted with interest that my favorite company, Tribune, is No. 38 with a puny $250 million in digital revenue. Oh, what a little bankruptcy can do.

Though the focus is primarily digital, I find it livelier and more intelligent than Slate, which today features on-going Osama bin Laden coverage and a debate about whether good etiquette will permit payment of half one’s food bill with a Groupon (No. 23 on the paidContent50 list). The correct answer is — no! You tell your dining companion about the Groupon when you arrive, apply the amount, then split the difference. If you’re not willing to split the lesser amount with your companion, maybe you should switch companions.


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