The Dangers of Power

This post was supposed to go up last night but various internet snafus prevented it.

        So I’d begun processing the IMF jerk and the housekeeper at the New York hotel when the Arnold news erupted.

            My first thought in that case was of poor Maria, duped over ten years. I mean, she knew he was a groper – that came out some years ago. But the fact that he was a double adulterer – he was married and so was the “member of the household staff” at the time the child was born had to take Maria back to all those mutterings about her uncles. John, Bobbie, Teddy … 

            Now I have a few questions:

Why did Arnold wait to tell Maria until after he left office – why not way before he ran?

Why did the news surface now? Joy Behar says the LATimes was about to break the story, so maybe the media is to blame?  (BTW I totally disagree that the Kennedy family history makes Maria more capable of dealing with this despicable behavior.)

Why does Jennifer Granholm think that more women governors will keep men like Arnold from screwing around? The child was born before he was elected.

             And finally, just because I can never fully bury my cynical journalism side. Did Arnold stage this announcement as a publicity stunt for his next movie?


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