St. Luke’s Fundraiser

A quick note. The number of people who can correctly identify Reuters is 1) truly depressing; 2) not surprising; 3) worrisome for future knowledge.

I can’t believe it’s more than a week since we left Newport in the fog (the only time we really saw any). It reminded me of a terrifying drive I made years ago early in the morning from New Iberia to New Orleans to catch a plane. Couldn’t see left or right, and the only indicator that I was still on the road was the red glow of the sun dead in my eyes. On the voyage back from Newport the fog lifted right after we crossed the second bridge, and we were to be able to see beyond the shoulder of the road. We stopped again at the diner in Mystic for breakfast. Larry once again had his standard fare, served with enough bacon to feed three. I had a breakfast burrito sans meat and took half of it to go.

We arrived home with plenty of time to lavish all sorts of attention on Isis who was needless to say furious that both her humans had abandoned her for three whole days. Then we showered and changed into fancy togs to attend a fundraiser for St. Luke’s Eldercare Services. I thought I had mentioned before that Larry is on the board of this wonderful organization but apparently not. Anyway, St. Luke’s, which has been around since 1865, provides free services to veterans and senior citizens in northern Middlesex County. Among the benefits is free transportation to the VA hospital in West Haven. A round-trip taxi ride from Middletown costs $110, which is obviously beyond the means of a great many veterans, especially those who have multiple appointments. The website has a description of everything the agency does with a tiny staff and a small army of volunteers. Those in the know call it the best kept secret in the area.

The fourth annual Fashionable Event was every bit that. Held at the Marriott in Rocky Hill, the full sized banquet hall was full – the food and beverages spread out into the hallway and into a second room. I ran into any number of folks that I’ve met through the community foundation and other organizations and was surprised to see two of my neighbors.  The goodie bags at our places contained some terrific loot from the sponsors including a “flexi-vase” from Four Seasons Federal Credit Union that starts out as flat plastic and expands into a vase that can hold a full bouquet of flowers and then collapses for easy storage, an emergency bandage from Middlesex Hospital, a “magic” jar opener from the cleaning company Servpro,  key rings from Liberty Bank and  Servpro.

There was a silent auction and a public auction that included a trip to Florida and a safari to Africa. WFSB’s Scott Haney acted as the MC. He’s outrageous – irreverent, hysterically funny. The auction featured couples dressed in fashions from a local designer (women) and discount clothier (men). Each couple promoted an auction item – and Scott raised some serious money. While flirting with everyone, especially the men, he doubled down on the safari by selling two of them, and having previous winners testify that it was the trip of a lifetime. I believe they went for just under $4,000 each, a real bargain. The fashions ranged from practical – stuff I would actually wear – to totally fanciful, i.e., five inch stilettos and pants that only look good on size 000.

As part of the auction anyone in the audience could ask him any question about his personal life for a $10 donation. He mentioned that he and his partner have three cats – adding, “If you have four or more, you’re a lesbian!”

We had a terrific time, but did not linger at the end because we had to be up and out of the house by 7 a.m. Friday to have breakfast with Geno.

Since I’ve got so much to cover and missed a segment yesterday, look for a rare weekend post.


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