Too Much To Do, Too Hot To Think

It’s 8 p.m., and the outside temp is still on the high side of 80, threatening not to drop much over night and promising to go near 100 over the next two days. (For additional commentary, see Mom’s notes posted a couple of days ago.)

I got bogged down with I don’t know what, along with laundry and various chores. Also v. upset with “Murdoch’s Best Friend.”

It pained me to see how a newspaper with a solid mission – report on the financial world, particularly the Wall Street part of it – has devolved into a poor step sister of the Page 6 girl. I have mixed emotions that many of the WSJ’s top-tier journalists have fled the paper for other papers, or cable news, or the web. All of those “content providers” benefit from those folks even as the WSJ is poorer for their departure. But I guess it doesn’t matter. Murdoch continues to rake in his billions. The one thing that infuriated me the most is that he’s decided that he wants to take out the NYTimes. That’s anti-American and he should go back to Aussie land. Competition is healthy, Mr. M. You don’t deserve to operate in a country where you can’t accept a publication that understands the city where it’s based.

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