This and That

RIP, Clarence Clemons. Bruce would never have sounded as good without you and your horn, Big Man. The news is dated, but check out the solo on “Born to Run” that starts at 1:50.

Larry and I celebrated our anniversary early on Saturday by spending the night at a hotel and eating at our favorite restaurant, Max Fish. A few observations:

  • How did we miss it? The Hilton Garden Inn is practically across the street from the restaurant. We’ve driven by it any number of times and never knew it was there. We figured out that the signs are almost invisible in daylight. The nice part: It’s just a few yards from the highway but no traffic noise penetrates into the building.
  • Four weddings and a bar mitzvah. When we arrived, the reservation clerk said there were four weddings going on at once. As we got on the elevator, Larry said, “That’s five too many.” On Sunday morning when I went to get the NYTimes I discovered one of the rooms was set up for a bar mitzvah. What’s worse than a room full of seventh-graders? An even bigger room full of seventh-graders with no teacher keeping them under control. The noise reverberated throughout the back half of the hotel but did not reach the upper floors. Otherwise, the hotel was perfectly fine, but we realized that we’d been spoiled by our stay in Newport. This room was so small one couldn’t get into the closet when the bathroom door was open.
  • Max Fish lived up to its usual standards, though I was disappointed in the Rosepoint oysters from Prince Edward Island. They were good but not as good as the Noanks, IMHO. Not as big, much saltier. Pieces of shell didn’t add to the experience, either. They did fit the description of rosy, though.
  • NYTimes: Why is it $1 cheaper in Glastonbury, which is farther away from New York, than it is anywhere on this side of the Connecticut River? On the subject of NYTimes, I am pleased to report that I answered correctly eight out of nine of history questions posed to high school students.

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