Sushi Friday XII

Sake Cafe

1105 Silas Deane Highway

Wethersfield, CT


Again I’m posting Sushi Friday on Saturday. One of these months I’ll get back on track. I stumbled upon this place by accident because it’s in the same shopping plaza as Bed Bath & Beyond, a place that I explored for the purposes of finding a new shower curtain.

What I like: Plenty of free parking. The sushi bar is one of the few where I’ve not been the only customer. Of course one of my visits was on Good Friday and a fellow diner joked that it was probably a really busy day for Japanese restaurants, just like Christmas is for Chinese restaurants. The sushi chef is an artist and creates a gorgeous display of absolutely fresh fish, daikon and shiso. The portions are generous with an odd thirteen pieces of fish including excellent salmon, yellowtail, and tuna. On my most recent visit in mid-June, I saw another dish that I’d really like to sample, yellowtail topped with jalapeño peppers and a dot of hot/garlic sauce, rolled over daikon instead of rice.

What I don’t like: The parking lot presents a challenge with a city bus occupying part of the travel lane and drivers who make others guess at their intentions. The noise level and the hustle/bustle don’t make for relaxing dining. Waitresses yak and flirt with the sushi chefs. Patrons of the sushi bar are forced to watch ESPN. On one visit I got to listen to Tiger Woods apologize over and over and over. The sushi sou-chef (say that fast) used a slicer for the daikon, right in from of the patrons. At least if they aren’t going to do it by hand, keep the mystery alive! The miso soup is anemic, lacking flavor and skimpy on wakame and tofu. The salad lacks even more character with a pale slice of tomato and only a few pieces of mesclun to redeem it. The sashimi includes pollack and escolar, though only two pieces of each.

Grade B+, only because of the presentation and quality of the fish.


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