Odds ’n’ Ends

Fireworks I

Isis and her human survived the Fourth of July with a minimum of upset. No municipal fireworks meant an escalation of the home-bound kind, or in this neighborhood, a visit to the local cemetery with the M-80s and whatever else. Last night really wasn’t that bad, I think because people had been letting loose the day before and the day before that and the day before … I’ve yet to figure out when Independence Day became Independence Month. Having been subjected to real gun fire when I lived in Philadelphia, I remain traumatized at the synthetic kind, especially when it sounds like it’s right outside my door.

Fireworks II

It couldn’t happen to a nicer person. Murdoch’s UK head honcho is under fire because of another hack attack, this time on an innocent child who couldn’t defend herself. Murdochians “shocked and appalled”? I think not.

Fireworks III

Call me cynical (which I won’t deny), but I was not the least bit surprised that Casey Anthony walked on all but the mildest of charges. It’s not because I think she’s innocent. She probably did have something to do with her daughter’s death and at the very least knows what happened. Unfortunately that is not enough in our justice system to convict her of first-degree murder. I did not follow the case in great detail, but the pieces I heard indicated that prosecutors failed miserably in putting together a coherent theory of their case and presenting it in a way that a more or less randomly selected group of people could follow, understand, and buy into. For reasons going back to merry ol’ England, suspects cannot be put at jeopardy of life or liberty unless prosecutors prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. People have written books about what that means but in reality it comes down to: if the defense can throw enough sand into the machinery, the client walks. And that’s exactly what happened here. She got convicted of lying to law enforcement, a charge for which there was proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Is this the best way to run a justice system? Probably not, but no one has come up with anything better, and it’s what we’ve got.

Fireworks, Maybe

A primer on how GOPers should campaign in New Hampshire interestingly did not include a single mention of the state’s most famous institution, now that the Man in the Mountain is defunct. But then again, I guess Michele B. thinks Dartmouth is in England.


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