Spiritual Lessons Are Everywhere, Part III

Found As Long as It Takes. It was lurking under the table in the living room.

Captain Pinkney had awoken from a cat nap to discover the Taipei, a Chinese fishing trawler, about to swamp his much smaller vessel. His panic was followed by a perfect sunset, stars above reflected in the calm Atlantic. Here is what I read. “I felt as if Commitment and I were suspended in the center of a globe of stars. I dreamily imagined that if I fell over board, I would fall for light years. I understood that my place in the infinite magnitude of this vast sea was not by chance, but part of a universal plan in which I played a small but intrinsic part. For the nanosecond that my life lasted in the total continuum of time, I was equal to all the other parts – no greater and no less. After having been so close to death the previous night, this epiphany filled my soul with peace and was far more empowering than anything mere mortals could ever provide. In that moment I knew I had a purpose to play my role in this never-ending saga called life.”

And here are the lessons:

1) “You are smarter than you think you are.”

3) “Help is there if you are willing to ask.”

4) “Getting knocked down is not failure.”

I’m not numbering the last two because there’s a stupid smiley face that keeps showing up. They are number eight, “It takes as long as it takes.” And number ten, “Dreams Do Come True.”

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