Murky, Murky Murdoch

I blew past this item last week (“Odds ’n’ Ends,” item 2), but it’s grown into a many headed, poisonous hydra since then. I’m relying on the Washington Post for information about this five-year-old story because I don’t trust the NYTimes accounts. It wants Murdoch to fail more than I do, I’m sure. The Times, though did have a fascinating series of articles on Sunday, one an analysis of the rude and crude British tabs compared to the discreet and proper French press. As for the hacking scandal, it’s worth noting that before the events of the last few days, a reporter at Murdoch’s News of the World was convicted and served time for hacking into the voice mail of Princes William and Harry, among others.

Recent highlights, based on the WaPo timeline.

  • Revelations of phone hacking by the NoW escalate
  • Phones of dead British soldiers may have been hacked
  • Hugh Grant catches out NoW reporter
  • NoW minions messed with the phone of a dead teen. Parents believed she was alive.
  • A former aide to the prime minister and former NoW editor is arrested
  •  Murdoch’s people admit guilt, shut the 168-year-old NoW
  • A former prime minister says people at another Murdoch paper obtained medical records of his son and stole his tax records
  • Murdoch drops his bid to take over British Sky Broadcasting
  •  The prime minister is taking heat for ties to Murdoch. The accusations: “Catastrophic error of judgment” for hiring the aide; chumminess with (another) NoW editor on whose watch the hacking occurred; more chumminess with Murdoch’s daughter and her PR flak partner.

Stay tuned.


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