Even Better Blueberries

This a.m. I blew off my usual stint at the computer to join Debbie at her brother-in-law’s house to pick blueberries. Richard has three enormous healthy bushes, along with a pear tree, an apple tree and I don’t know what all else. But only the blueberries were ripe. And oh, my!

We missed last year because Richard had to prune the shrubs, but it was more than worth the wait. The berries were bigger than the ones from Belltown – and even more pronounced in flavor – sweet to start, tart a bit later and a huge burst of juice to end. I ate a handful of them as soon as I got home.

We had a great time, teasing Deb about the time that she woke the neighborhood when she folded back the net and unearthed the carcass of a baby skunk, somewhat decomposed. Now, what you have to understand about Deb is that she is fearless. She will stand down any human under any circumstance. She’s corralled out of control students, taken down people who’ve crossed her. That’s humans. When it comes to what we generically call wildlife – including any thing with four legs, feathers, or wings, she’s is a total and absolute wimp. Mosquito? She’ll drown it in bug spray. Squirrel? If she’s in the car she’ll try to run it over. On foot, she’ll run the other way as fast as possible. One year when deer were showing up on the track at the middle school, Deb told her students that if one came anywhere near, they were on their own. She was too freaked out to help them. The students of course thought this was the best — Mrs. P. the rock, scared of something that’s far more scared of us.

So when that little skunk appeared, Debbie started to scream and scream and scream. She said the guy next door came stumbling out of his house pulling on his pants – I guess he thought she was being attacked. Little did he know that if the assailant had been human, the guy would have been either out cold or dead. Once Richard and the neighbor dispatched the little critter, calm reigned once more and Deb got her blueberries.

So now I’ve got this huge container of berries – and the kitchen is way too hot to bake muffins. So I guess we’ll just have to keep shoving them into our mouths. Not a bad thing, either.

Murdock update: Another case of either these folks are amazing liars or far too incompetent to be running a multi-national corporation, especially one in the business of supplying information to the public.


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