Too Hot to Think

            … I’m about to crawl into a bathtub full of ice cubes. Here are some odds and ends:

  •  Belated Third Happy Birthday, Blog! I missed the actual date because July 16 was Saturday, and I was not around most of the day.
  • Wish the weather terrorcasters wouldn’t increase the agony by hysterical statements about “worst,” “horrible,” etc. How about the basics and let the rest of us figure out how bad it is? You know it’s pretty terrible when, despite the budget prolems, the all-day lead story on has been a graphic with a big red “hot” spread over three days. It’s news when there’s some substance – impact on agriculture, places were business increases or dies off, environmental impact like that poisonous blue-green algae in the Midwest.
  • Follow up on Proust on Marketplace . Note to Kai Ryssdal about older folks not being computer literate: I started using a computer when you were about eleven years old. And I’ve probably learned more computer languages than you speak actual languages. Two trainers I’ve worked with say that people over forty five learn faster and retain better than the young twerps. So lay off the old geezer routine.
  • Digital Manners column: Is it rude to put a Smartphone on the table at dinner? Most people, including the techie and the etiquetter, said yes. In fact the techie thought even work calls/texts should be ignored. Ms. Etiquetter said, and I agree, that if your stuff is that important, leave the table to respond. And if you really have to text while I’m talking, I’m outta here. Exception: If a loved one is ill or in an emergency, say so ahead of time. People will undoubtedly say no problem.
  •  Murdochs should be glad that the U.S. deficit/debt/budget battles continue; otherwise they’d be much closer to the lead story. For a funny take on a genuinely sickening mess, check out NYTimes’ David Carr on the Colbert Report.
  •  Stephen’s brother in comedy, Jon Stewart. has a great take on the proceedings, including “the four-decade marriage gap.” Funny, I thought it was more than that.
  • To end on a happier, weirder note: Spanx seems to get more coverage when it’s uncovered.

2 Responses to “Too Hot to Think”

  1. Betsy Says:

    The Spanx never did arrive!

  2. lizr128 Says:

    maybe Spanx shouldn’t be so prominent

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