Make Up Post

Having neglected to file on Thursday, here’s the make, another of odds and ends.

  •  RIP, Tony Labbadia. You were a wonderful, fun-loving guy with a terrific sense of humor. Also a great cook. Larry and I will miss you, my friend.
  • Kudos to the town of Lyme for suing to keep the ferries operating.
  • Scary story of the week (except for the budget debacle): “Koch, Exxon Mobil Among Corporations Helping Write State Law.”Must say I’m not surprised, just sorry that the info is just coming to light.
  • Murdochs: FBI about to move on Rupert. Does James think members of Parliament are stupid or is he’s just completely deluded?  And now the Mirror supposedly joins the phone hacking fray.
  •  Silly story of the week: Victoria, Canada,  has a novel way to control drunks – slip ’em a lollipop.
  • Found some substitute cartoons which are not as good as what the Times gave up, but they’ll have to do.
  •  Happy Birthday, Jon Stewart! May the next fifteen be equally outrageous.

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