Quick Hit

Too much going on today. I had planned to write about one of three topics – poetry, milk pants, or AP’s grammar guru. Each one takes the sort of brain power I lack at the moment. So instead I’m linking to Pentagram, which is blowing its own horn about the signs inside the NYTimes that were featured in a new documentary. And blow the horn they should. I particularly like the signs for “privacy,” and for the  men’s and women’s rooms. Love the skipping guys! Also learned that the Times has a pantry. What do they use it for? Storing the ingredients before they cook up an investigative piece? Or the actual foodstuffs cooked by Bittman et al.? The foodies do cook, don’t they? As for the rest, I doubt the pope would be blessing those at the Times after the coverage of the priest sex abuse scandal, but oh, well. Pentagram has other goodies. Check out the handwritten letters project.

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