Fifty Years Ago

One more stroll down memory lane, not quite as far back as the first one, but far enough back anyway. I found Saye and Seal It, (Vol. XXV, Number eight) among papers left by mother who as I already knew never threw away so much as a grocery list.

I’m not sure why the OSHS class of 1961 had to give space to a bunch of little kids on the pages of the “newspaper,” with hand-drawn illustrations that was published on a mimeo machine, but here we were. Among the “big” kids (not all class of ’61) were Pat Buzzi, Jean Childress, Don Ranelli, Mary Collins, and my cousin, Anna Bush. Principal I. William Belanich (anyone know what that “I” stood for?) lectured the graduating class: “The students who have consistently done their best for the past twelve years will continue to do so in the future. … Those who have taken short cuts, given less than their best, are not as sure about heir future.” Wow! No “You are all winners” in those days!

For all you O.S.H.S. fans out there, I’ll include the names of the “little kids” who had stories or poems in this issue. Let me know who you want to hear from. They all seem terribly derivative, so I have a feeling we were following some kind of template for ballads or whatever. I can’t transcribe them all, so the top five vote getters will win. If no one votes, I’ll consign it to the archives.

N. B. I’m rendering the names as typed, mistakes and all.

Judy Race, Robert VanZandt, Nancy Reynolds, Dawn Rochette, Barbara Olson, Richard Mazzerella, Michael Blinn, Derry Ryan, Pamela Ouelet, Candace Ransing, Mary Newcomb, Martha Conklin, Karen Marcolini, Patricia Fiorelli, Gerry Rowland, John Hall, Elizabeth Petry, Raleigh Phillips, Salli Knox, Anne Epply, Michael Naughton.


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