Smarter Than Who?

It was with great glee that I learned that people who use Firefox and other browsers are smarter than the average netizen. I suspect most of us signed on to the anti-IE because we grew tired of the crashes, hacks, and spam that the black hats inflict on Internet Explorer. I also think that it has to do with the Firefox’s benign open source attitude as opposed to IE’s direct-you-where-we-want-you-to go. What I find most amusing about the revelation that the study was a hoax: the people who bought into the “study” are being paid to investigate all things www. I like the analysis of SiliconFilter. The bottom line: Pretty much everyone is going to believe everything bad about the Evil Empire, or whatever it’s calling itself these days. Thanks, SiliconFilter!

Quick updates:

  • So glad to see justice was done in New Orleans. Hope that this is the beginning of a new era down there.
  •  Juxtaposition of the day (it’ll probably be gone soon, so I won’t link), Featured Photos on the WaPo leads with a birthday party photo of President and Mrs. Obama with Oprah. Link directly beneath: “Polish Woodstock, English punk rock, the Afghan museum’s restored statues and more.” I would say much, much more.
  • I have to keep doing those “What I Wore” segments. The ads show me Jimmy Choo, BlueFly, and all sorts of other stuff that I love to look at and will never buy.
  •  I’ve “liked” Aretha Franklin’s hat on Facebook because the idea that a hat has its own page is just too delicious.

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