Who Do You Think You Are? Season 2

How did I miss the entire second season of Who Do You Think You Are when it first aired? I know – too much to do, etc. So I’m just catching up. Watching the segments on Vanessa Williams, Tim McGraw, and Rosie O’Donnell, I came away with a few impressions, some reinforced from the first season. The main one is that the series makes it look much too easy to locate information. Rosie O’Donnell says as much in her segment. Of course the actual search would put most every viewer to sleep. The other myth is that just anyone is going to be allowed physical contact with pretty much any old document, white gloves or no white gloves.

It was ironic that Ms. Williams’ traced her family back to 1842 and McGraw back to 1708. He also had connections to more than one famous person, besides his father. It’s nice that there is no moral ambiguity in Ms. Williams’ tree, at least none included. (See the reference to knaves, thieves, and whores at the beginning of my entry on the previous season.)  On the other hand,  McGraw had one ancestor who poached Indian land and another who was on welfare as soon as he arrived in the Western Hemisphere.

As I did last year I’ll do a complete review when I’ve watched the rest of the season. For now, I’d like to know why the producers chose stories in the female lines: Ms. Williams’ father’s mother’s people; McGraw’s grandfather’s mother’s family; Ms. O’Donnell’s mother’s roots. I’m sure the selections made the most interesting stories, but I’d like to know how the decisions were made. (DVD extra material?)

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