Milk Dress

One night as I was getting ready to pile into bed, I tuned in to BBC World News, which if I don’t listen on line, I can only get before midnight in the kitchen, and only if the weather is right because it comes from an FM station miles from the house. Through the static and my fatigue I thought I heard something about “milk pants.” Can’t be, I thought, turned of the radio and went to bed. The next day I took a look (online)  and there they were, not just pants, but dresses, too.

A German biologist named Anke Domaske has mastered the art of turning sour milk into clothes. This video pretty much explains it all.

Things I really like about the concept:

  • She’s not depriving small children since the milk is “substandard.” She’s making use of something that would otherwise go in the trash.
  • It looked in the video like she was making yogurt with some sugar added. No word on whether the stuff is edible after it becomes cloth. I mean, if one misses a meal or two, one could theoretically take a bite of a sleeve or a cuff.
  • The styles look practical, something that actual human beings would wear.
  • The prices are good for special occasions at €150 and 200. (Today that’s $213 to $284. Tomorrow, who knows?)
  • Men’s fashions are in the works. Hang in there, guys.

One minor complaint: Wish there was more information than just that publicity stuff.

A note: It’s astounding that the British government thought it perfectly fine to use plastic bullets in Northern Ireland but has agonized over using them on their “own” people. I don’t know what to make of that. Surely they can’t still believe that the Irish aren’t human, but the refugees from their various former colonies are. I refuse to believe that all those complaints about human rights violations got through. In fact Cameron said today there were no such things as human rights.Also of interest is that I had no idea of the ethnicity of the victims and perpetrators of the violence until I looked at pictures. We’re so used in this country to hearing and reading “a black neighborhood” or “Latino/Hispanic neighborhood.” It’s obvious from pictures that most of the victims have their roots in Africa and the Caribbean, or in South Asia. I did hear one commentator describe the white rioters as “feral,” which of course elicited cries of outrage. The bottom line seems to be that this whole business is equal opportunity in terms of race but all about people at the bottom of the benighted (literally) Brit class structure voicing its outrage. I don’t foresee an easy resolution.

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