Random Thoughts

It’s been one of those days all week (again), so here are some random thoughts.

So glad Philip Levine is the Poet Laureate. This country needs more voices for working people. Everyone should read “What Work Is.”

My neighbor who had wonderful, outrageous lawn signs all through the Bush administration has been quiet of late. He takes three pieces of board, paints them black and inks in his message in white. (The Smiley Face he painted on his copper beach after President Obama was elected has faded to invisibility). The signs driving north: “Make/mine/coffee.” Driving south: “The Democratic Party isn’t dead/but it’s beginning/to smell that way.” (Not sure I’ve gotten the division right on that one.)

The idiots in my neighborhood who wield firecrackers are still at it. Poor little Isis is going through some sort of senior withdrawal and was so scared the other night I thought she was going to hyperventilate to death. These are not sparklers and those pretty little candles. I could see the lights over the forty-foot trees in the neighbors’ backyard.

On the subject of Isis, she’s developed this habit of staring off into space. In the winter time she meditates on the steam radiator, with her nose barely a whisker’s length away. We can’t get our hands within six inches if the heat has just run. In the summer, she can stare at just about anything. If Larry or I disturb her, she jumps and then gives us the “who are you? what are you doing here?” look, which proceeds to “Where am I? Have I ever seen this place before?” We were convinced it was age – perhaps feline dementia – until we realized that the boxer next door, who is barely out of puppyhood, has that very same stare.

Quick update: The fate of the Chester-Hadlyme Ferry remains in limbo. A judge ruled a lawsuit filed by the town of Lyme couldn’t go forward because the closure wasn’t a certainty. (Not yet ripe in legal terms.) The closure threat will be rescinded if the unions ratify the governor’s revised contracts. Hope the ferry gets to keep on chugging.

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