Redux, Redux V

Time for a slightly delayed and somewhat curtailed update.

Yahoo! News (“Yahoo! News Encore”) is just as annoying now as it was in September, though it seems to have begun leaning toward the serious a bit more. But there’s still the frivolous: I learned, for example, that the Tiger Mother’s daughter had been accepted at Harvard.

The woman who took Fresh Air off Mississippi Public Broadcasting and then put it back resigned not long afterward. She’d only been in the leadership position for a little over a year, so it looks like she was pushed. Of course NPR has suffered additional slings and arrows since with the removal of their upper echelons.

I still think about Nora Miller and lots of other people apparently do, too, as my tribute to her (“RIP, Nora Miller”) receives at least two or three hits a week. For whatever reason, the second most popular entry seems to be “The Death of Commercial Clam Dip.”)

Skechers Shape-Ups (“Skechers, etc.”), still going strong. Can’t wait to get back into the Tone-Ups but will have to do some serious foot repair before I let the rest of the world see what the winter hath wrought.

Tea Roses Tea Room continues to add fans. I’ve introduced five people and I think all but one has been back.

Based on my summary of purchases, my use of the nearby supermarket has dropped to almost nil. (“New Kid in Town”). But Price Chopper is just far enough away to be inconvenient. I’ve mostly shifted to It’s Only Natural for health food and Pet Smart for Isis supplies.

Between the weather and computer problems, I’m surprised that I’ve been able get anything published on this blog.

Trend Micro added three months to my subscription (free) without telling me. “Trend Confusion”; “Down the Rabbit Hole with Trend Micro ”). I still plan to cancel when the time is up.


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